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Reminder – It’s Grade Up Week starting Monday, 10 October


3 male students sitting at computers with the closest student looking and smiling at the camera

A reminder for parents/carers that Grade Up Week for Year 11 students begins on Monday, 10 October. The normal learning timetable for Year 11 students is suspended for the week.

  • Monday – Option C
  • Tuesday – Option A
  • Wednesday – Option B
  • Thursday – Option D

Each day will focus on one GCSE to boost progress.

We view the Curriculum as the sum total of all the learning experiences within the Academy not simply the identifiable subjects. We aim to provide a high quality curriculum pathway, tailored to the personal needs of each student. This pathway is designed to enable progression after Year 11 to either A levels, further vocational education or employment with training.

If you would like more information about the curriculum the Academy follows then please contact us.