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Governor Recruitment

We're looking for experienced individuals to volunteer their time as members of our Governing Body

Personal Tutorial System

The tutor is the heart of the Academy, the specialist whose specialism is bringing everything together, whose subject is the student and who enables each individual to make best use of the Academy and develop fully, both as a learner and a person.

At Landau Forte Academy Amington, we believe that every child matters. During his or her time at the Academy, a student will be taught by many different tutors, each committed to developing the student’s knowledge and skills in a particular area. The Personal Tutor plays a pivotal role in providing continuity and cohesion to the student’s experience of Academy life, guiding and supporting the personal, academic and wider achievement of each individual student within the tutor group.

A Personal Tutor should be involved in the process of monitoring, guiding and supporting students’ learning. They hold a unique position, being in close daily contact with a small group of students throughout their time at the Academy, to help them prepare to learn, develop successful strategies to improve learning and celebrate students’ academic achievements.

Personal Tutoring is about providing support for individual students beyond the learning base, responding to their difficulties and triumphs, helping them to improve their attitude and approach to learning. Sometimes this means one-to-one help, focusing as sharply as possible on the needs, attitudes and attributes of each individual learner; sometimes tutoring involves small groups of learners, allowing them to help each other. The vertical house system facilitates and develops group relationships between students, creating a house identity and shared sense of purpose and identity.

The most effective relationships are promoted through continuity, consistency, familiarity, individual contact and stability. The Personal Tutor’s job is to provide the structure and rules for a secure, caring environment where the young people can feel valued as individuals and have a sense of belonging.

Pastoral Deputies

Students will go to the Pastoral Deputy when they need support, for example to contact parents or because an incident has occurred at lunchtime.

The Pastoral Deputy plays a crucial role in supporting students and families.  His/her role includes:

  • Student Welfare – the Pastoral Deputy provides support to both the Personal Tutor and Learning Tutor in monitoring the personal and pastoral welfare of students within their house. This will include, in particular, the support of learning tutors in the management of bullying issues.
  • Student Support – the Pastoral Deputy works alongside Personal Tutor to provide individual support to students to enable them to reach their full potential and enjoy school life and may include assisting in matters regarding personal organisation and uniform.

Pastoral Deputies

  • Mr M McDermott
  • Miss N McNaught

Pastoral Leaders

The Pastoral Leaders are exclusively focused on attendance, monitoring of behaviour and student achievement within their respective houses.

One of the Pastoral Leaders’ key responsibilities will be the distribution, collection and analysis of data surrounding the assessment, recording and reporting cycle, along with the initiation of appropriate interventions where necessary.

Pastoral Leaders

  • Landau
    Mrs C Wood
  • Forte
    Mr K Dovey

Director of Pastoral Care

The Director of Pastoral Care leads the pastoral team reporting directly to the Principal and Vice Principal with the overview of both Landau and Forte.

Director of Pastoral Care

  • Mr B Sims