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Extended Learning

We provide students with extended learning activities (homework) which are designed to complement their learning sessions. The Extended Learning Policy, available below, outlines exactly how work is set outside of learning sessions.

Years 7, 8 & 9

Some extended learning is set using an online system called Sam Learning. All students have accounts to log on and they can access the system using the following steps:

  1. Go to the Sam Learning website:
  2. Enter the Centre ID: B77LF
  3. Enter their username. This is their 6 digit date of birth followed by their first initial of their forename and their first initial of their surname. So for example Joe Bloggs born on the 20th September 2011 would be 200911JB.
  4. Enter their password. This is initially the same as their username but it should be changed to something more secure.

Years 10 & 11

Some extended learning is set using an online system called GCSEPod. GCSEPod can be accessed on a computer or by downloading the GCSEPod app from the App Store (Apple and Android are supported) to a mobile device.

All students have already been registered with GCSEPod, so all they need to do is activate their account by following the instructions below. If a student has already activated but can’t remember their username and password, please ask them to contact a member of staff.

  1. Go to the GCSEPod website: and click “Login” in the top right-hand corner
  2. Click “New here?  Get started.”
  3. Select “Student”
  4. Enter your child’s name, date of birth and confirm the school name.
  5. Create a username, password, and a password hint to help you remember the password.