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Curriculum Overview


The curriculum will be ambitiousin content and knowledge. Whilst broadly traditional, it will be designed to broaden student horizonsand develop the skills vital to living a full and enjoyable life. The curriculum will enable our students to make their way in the world of work, or the next steps in education – supporting them to become well qualified, valued members of society. The curriculum will enable all students to flourish no matter what their background.


The focus of training in the schools will be to allow the most effective implementation anddelivery of the intentionoutlined above. In particular, this training will focus on delivering high challenge in lessons and utilising opportunities for students to mastertheir learned knowledge. Through personal tutor time we willchampion the unwritten curriculum to ensure the students’ whole academy experience is enriching.

The implementationof this curriculum will be governed by the intent stated above. It will contain the following features:

  • A three-year Key Stage 3 to avoid narrowing the curriculum too early and ensuring a fully enriching experience for students.  This offer will include Humanities and MFL until at leastthe end of Year 9
  • A high degree of stretch andchallenge to the most able to make progress
  • Opportunities to mastertheir learned knowledge
  • Strong representation of creative subjects at key stage 3, 4 and 5 to build confidence and resilience
  • In Key Stage 4, students will be encouraged to take MFL and Humanities subjects. That encouragement will be strongest for those students who are destined to progress to a purely A level pathway in Key Stage 5
  • There will be a strong vocational offer at Key Stage 4 which is clearly supported by a key stage 5 destination to support progression
  • There will be a broad (including level 2) offer at key stage 5 to allow all to fulfill their potential
  • Numeracy and Literacystarters in every key stage 3 lesson to address the local maths and literacydeficit issues


Each campus will have a robust self-evaluation cycle analysing the effectiveness and impact of the curriculum. The Executive Principal will hold the Heads of School to account to ensure delivery of the principles put forward in this document and that students at Amington, QEMS and the 6thForm experience this curriculum as intended. Any changes in the curriculum will always be driven by the intent outlined above.