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A noun is a naming word; this may be a person, a thing or an idea. So, a baby, a builder, a candle, a city, a street, happiness and fear are all nouns.

Now You Try

Read these sentences and underline the nouns.

  1. The boy was walking his dog through the park.
    Answers: [spoiler]boy, dog, park[/spoiler]
  2. The girl in the blue dress was pulling faces at the teacher.
    Answers: [spoiler]girl, dress, faces, teacher[/spoiler]
  3. The boy cowered with fear.
    Answers: [spoiler]boy, fear[/spoiler]
  4. The girl went shopping in Derby.
    Answers: [spoiler]girl, Derby[/spoiler]

Now fill in the gaps in these sentences with your own nouns. You may wish to make the sentences seem funny or amusing.

Shall I take my _______________________ to _________________________ today?

The baby threw its ______________________ out of the _____________________.

My ______________________ would rather play __________________ than _______________________.

Please do not feed the __________________________.