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A plural is more than one

A E I O U are vowels. Every other letter in the alphabet is a consonant.

A noun is an object.

If you want to change a single noun (only one object) into a plural noun (more than one object) there are some important rules to follow if your word ends in a ‘y’. For example, boy, baby, city, donkey etc.

  • If the letter before the ‘y’ is a vowel (a e i o u) then just add an ‘s’. For example, ‘boys’, ‘donkeys’ etc.
  • If the letter before the ‘y’ is a consonant (anything but a e i o u) then drop the ‘y’ change it to an ‘i’ and add ‘es’. For example, ‘babies’, ‘cities’ etc.

Now You Try

  1. One tray -> two [spoiler]trays[/spoiler]
  2. One fly -> two [spoiler]flies[/spoiler]
  3. One party -> two [spoiler]parties[/spoiler]
  4. One try -> two [spoiler]tries[/spoiler]
  5. One quay -> two [spoiler]quays[/spoiler]

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