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Sentence Types 2

Sentences can have one of four function types: Declarative; Interrogative; Imperative; Exclamatory

  • Declarative
    A declarative sentence provides a piece of information; it is a statement or a declaration. It needs a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end.
    We went to the café and ate pizza and chips.
  • Interrogative
    Interrogative is another word for question. This type of sentence must end with a question mark.
    Shall we walk to the park?
  • Imperative
    This is an order, request or command. The words are usually spoken and therefore have speech marks around them.
    “Sit by the fire to keep warm John.”
  • Exclamatory
    These types of sentence show strong emotions, for example surprise or horror. They have an exclamation mark at the end and if they are spoken they have speech marks.
    “Well done, that’s brilliant!”

Now You Try

  1. John bought a new car today. [spoiler]Declarative[/spoiler]
  2. Help! [spoiler]Exclamatory[/spoiler]
  3. Take this to reception please. [spoiler]Imperative[/spoiler]
  4. Do you need some help with that? [spoiler]Interrogative[/spoiler]

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