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Verbs 1

A verb is a doing word or an action word. Therefore, roaring, eating, pointing, jumping, running, reading etc are all verbs.

Now You Try

Underline the verbs in these sentences.

  1. I walk to school, but Karen goes by bus.
    Answers: [spoiler]walk, goes[/spoiler]
  2. My English teacher really annoys me.
    Answers: [spoiler]annoys[/spoiler]
  3. Read the instructions carefully.
    Answers: [spoiler]read[/spoiler]
  4. People crowded into the shop as soon as it opened.
    Answers: [spoiler]crowded, opened[/spoiler]

 Fill in the gaps in the following sentences with suitable verbs. You may wish to make it funny or amusing.

Please ______________________ the building immediately.

Her behaviour really ____________________________ me.

I __________________________ the piano every day.

Every time he ________________________ his mouth, he __________________ something stupid.