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Governor Recruitment

We're looking for experienced individuals to volunteer their time as members of our Governing Body


Don’t be confused, there are three different words that sound like they’re similar!


Refers to place, position or time.
e.g. There are six CDs over there.
There will be will rain tomorrow.


A shortened form of ‘they are’
e.g. They’re going to get soaked by the rain!


Refers to something that a person or a group of people own.
e.g. Their clothes were soaked from the rain.

You’ve learnt it, now use it!

Now You Try

Fill in the gaps, using their, they’re or there.

  1. The newspapers are over [spoiler]there[/spoiler].
  2. “I’ll never understand that sense of humour of [spoiler]theirs[/spoiler],” Mr Ali laughed.
  3. [spoiler]They’re[/spoiler] picking up the newspapers.
  4. [spoiler]Their[/spoiler] mouths dropped open in surprise.
  5. [spoiler]There[/spoiler] wasn’t enough time to deliver all the newspapers.

Click the blurred words to reveal the answers.